The Resolve shown below established the very fire Stamford Fire Company for the Village and Town,

Resolve Authorizing A Fire Company in Stamford

Passed, May 1829

Resolved, that the civil authority and the select-men of said Stamford, may meet, and they are here by directed to meet instead Stamford on the fourth day of July next, and they are here by directed, then and there, to nominate an appoint a “Fire Company,” to work a fire engine for the protection of the buildings in said village, and said town from fire, which company shall consist of not more than sixteen men, all residing in said town of Stamford, and shall be called the Stamford Fire Engine Company.

Of the place of said meeting, and the hour of the day when to be holding public notice shall be given by Simon H Miner, Daniel Lockwood and David Hoyt, esquires, or any two of them, by advertisement set upon the public sign-0post in the First Society inside town, at least 10 days previous to said fourth day of July, and by giving like notice in the newspaper printed at said Stamford.

Said Fire Company when appointed, may appoint from themselves all necessary officers, and adopt all such regulations for their own government, as shall be by them deemed necessary for the attainment of the object of their organization.

Whenever any vacancies shall occur in said company, they may be filled by the civil authority and select-men of said town, who shall be assembled for that purpose, by public notice given in the manner aforesaid, under the hands of any two of the civil authority of said town.

And no member of said company shall be exempted from the performance of military duty, until an engine shall be procured for their use.