Thank You For Your Service

This is a list of Stamford Firefighters who have served with any beanch of the United States Armed Forces. It is a working project. If you do not see your name or the name of a known Veterern, please use the contact page to let me know of the name, branch of armed service and any time period, if known, that they served.

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Firefighter NameServiceDetails
Barnett, George DUS MarinesWWII, served in the Pacific.
Boesen, John JUS ArmyWWII
Burke, DanielUS Navy1951-1986
Burke, DavidUS ArmyWWII
Byxbee, KenUS Navy1970-1973
Callahan, BarryUS Navy1967-1971
Carter. K WUS ArmyWWI AEF
Celotto, Albert "Bucky"US Army1943-1946
Clark, John JosephUS ArmyWWII
Connors Jr, Terrance JosephUS ArmyWWII
Cwalinski, JoeUS Navy
Dillon, John JUS ArmyWWII
Duane, Raymond C.US NavyWWII
Dunne, Jospeh MUS ArmyWWI
Egan, JohnUS MarinesWWII
Fox, FrancisUS ArmyWWI
Gillespie, EdwardUS Navy1943-1949
Gillespie, HaroldUS Navy1917-1918
Gillespie, RichardUS Navy1970-1972
Goettel, Harry AUS ArmyWWI in Europe
Gorman, Nicholas JUS ArmyWWI
Greene, FrankSpanish American War
Harggerty, Charles WUS Navy1950-1953
Hurley, ThomasUS Army1967-1969
June, RichardUS Navy1966-1970
Kennedy, DanUS Army1967-1969
Kingsley, EdwardUS ArmyWWI
Koch, DonUS Coast Guard1967-1971
Kokoska, John JUS NavyWWII
Kowalczyk, Matthew SUS ArmyWWII
Koweleski, JohnUS ArmyWWII and Korea
Koweleski, Nikodem US ArmyKorea (Purple Heart)
Lawler, Robert JUS NAvyWWII
Mascata, Albert WUS Army, Second Lt.WWII (Germany)
Maher, ThomasUS ArmyWWI
Mardi, ThomasUS Army
Mattis, George SUS Army1948-1962, Korea
McAuliffe, Patrick JUS ArmyWWII
McCann, JamesUS Army1955-1957
McRedmond, CharlesUS NavyWWII
Mead, William JUS ArmyWWI
Meehan, ThomasUS ArmyWWI
Monaco, James TUS ArmyWWII
Mullens, HarryUS ArmyWWI AEF
Myers, Lewis DUS ArmyWWI
O'Grady, FrancisUS ArmyWWI
Oefinger, HawleyUS ArmyWWI (Pearl Harbor)
Osorio, ErwinUS Marines1980-1983
Parkes, Lawrence FUS ArmyWWI
Pelchat, Michael JUS Army1968-1971
Pilcher, WillieUS Army
Robinson, Charles WUS Army Air CorpWWII
Searles, GeorgeUS NavyKorea
Simmel, RobertUS Navy
Smith, James PUS ArmyWWII
Stevenson, DennisUS Navy1958-1961
Swiatowicz, StanleyUS ArmyWWII
Telesco, JohnUS ArmyVietnam 1969-1971
Vagnone, Alfred 'Botchie' US Navy Korean Conflict
Veit, Frank FUS ArmyWWI
Wetmore, Robert1961, Berlin Crisis
Zyara Sr, MichaelUS ArmyWWII