Local 786 Merges with Stamford Firefighters Association

From L to R: Chief Victor H Veit, Fireman Ralph J Kandetzki, Fireman / President John J Boesen, Deputy Chief Charles Speh.

The Stamford Firemen’s Association was originally organized on  July 1, 1862.  It was later reorganized on March 7, 1871.

On July 20, 1949, at 8:08 PM, the Stamford Firemen’s Association was formally dissolved and absorbed by the City of Stamford Firefighters Local 786, an affiliate of the International Association of Firefighters.  In the final ceremony, the Charter of the Stamford Firemen’s Association was taken down from the wall at Central Fire Headquarters and presented to Chief Victor H. Veit.  The Charter of Local 786 was then hung up. 

The Stamford Local was originally organized on April 13, 1944, with 100% Membership finally being achieved with this emerger. Chief Victor H. Veit received an Honorary Membership.