A six-hour stubborn fire took its toll on the 30-firefighters that responded to the scene of this fire. The general building construction and contents of the structure significantly hampered efforts to extinguish the fire. But Stamford firefighters eventually prevailed and saved the structure.

This was a Grp 1 fire. We (Grp 3) walked to the fire from 3 Co (1 block away) to relieve the day crew @ 6pm. Eng 3 crew (Billy Hughes, Pete Olliveria, officer unknown) did an amazing job finding the fire which was deep in the building on one of the upper floors in one of the storage units. With the difficulty in ventilating the building, the heavy smoke and maze like conditions created by numerous hallways & storage units and large amounts of rolled rugs & furniture made this a fire you did not want to get lost in. Truck 3 crew (Drv. Rick Miller & Pete Chrimbus) were ordered to power vent the windows with the aerial. The masterstream nozzle, which was factory pre-piped beneath the last rung was broken when they attempted to break the windows. After the fire was finally extinguished, it turned into a long night going through a lot of air bottles, overhauling & dragging out heavy smouldering rugs & furniture. Truck 3 was eventually put out of service and sent back to the factory to have the waterway pipe cut to the 3rd section of the ladder and the nozzle re-mounted.

Firefighter Greg Cloud