You don’t see this everyday…  In an incident that occurred on April 10, 1930, a plaintiff contends that Stamford Firemen purposely started a controlled burn for the purpose of burning brush from a parcel of land, and further alleges that the controlled burn damaged trees and shrubbery on his property when the firefighters neglected to stop it before reaching his property line.

Fire & Water Engineering Article

Tables have been reversed. A resident of Stamford, Conn., has filed suit in the Superior Court at Bridgeport for $2,500 damages to trees and shrubbery on his property that he asserts resulted when the Stamford Fire Department was called by an adjoining land owner to burn rubbish and leaves. The incident occurred April 10, 1930.

Named as defendants are the City of Stamford, Chief Victor H. Veit, Assistant Chief Lewis Y. Kron and four firemen. It is stated that the members of the department named in the action arrived at the scene, started a fire and burned the rubbish from the land. The plaintiff claims they also burned up several trees, and ruined a large amount of shrubbery on his property. He also states that the firemen were unusually efficient in starting the fire, that the Chiefs did the overseeing perfectly, hut that the Chiefs and firemen of Stamford neglected to stop the flames when they reached the line of the plaintiff’s property.

–Fire & Water Engineering Magazine, June 24, 1931