On September 19, 1955, at 3:00 pm, the Stamford Fire Department received their new 750 GPM Maxim.  It was delivered by factory mechanic C. N. Gifford and Mr. R. Barthoemew, and O.B. Maxwell, sales representatives for Maxim Motors. The next day, the new Maxim was taken to Mill River for pumping tests with C. N. Gifford and Mechanics McAuliffe and O’Brien. This became the second new Maxim Engine to be delivered in September 1955. Assigned drivers from #2 Station quickly became instructed in driving and pump operations. And on September 21, the new #2 Engine was placed in service at #2 Station at 10:15 am.

On February 12, 1957, #2 Maxim Engine returned from Maxim Motor Co. where they raised the front of pump 5/16” with shims installed new bearings on pump drive and new drive flange on the front of the pump.