Art Deschnow was appointed to the Stamford Fire Department on September 20, 1960. He retired in 1987 serving 27 years with the SFD and ending his career as a Fire Captain.. Thank you to Laura Butler, Arts daughter, for sharing these wonderful photographs and identifying the people in them.

Art Deschnow
(left to right) L. Isidro, P. Ladestro, C. C?, Ralph ?, (standing) D. Mitchell, J. Vitti
(left to right) D. Henley, T. Petrone, R. Woods, W. Lohotsky, J. Minkiewicz, T. Mardi, (standing) L. Moavero, J. Tamburri
(left to right) D. Hunsberger, F. Russo, J. Malizia, W. Finch, G. LeBlanc, (standing) J. Avalos, R. Simmel, G. Weathers
(left to right) R. Callahan, R. Herman, T. Conte, K. Malizia (standing) S. Gill, J. Coughlin, R. Morales, D. Mitchell
(left to right) K. Tappe, J. Cwalinski, N. Paturynski, T. Hadden, S Cackowski, R. Lehn, (standing) C. Buttery, B. Smith, R. Pilcher
(left to right) S. Barosky, R. Davidson, T. Conroy, T. Milone, J. Donch, R. Wetmore, R. Wolk, (standing) C. Lord, J. DeMaio
(left to right) J. Kennedy, H. Winters, R. Davis, J. Mello, L. Chrostowski, (standing) D. Nosenzo, B. Kennedy
(left to right) E. Nemcheck, T. Conklin, J. Harrington, J. McCabe, D. Jones, M. Coate, (standing) G. Valentino, S. Czopkowski