A tribute to Fire Chief George Bowman after his death as published in Fire & Water Engineering Magazine.

George Bowman, late chief of the fire department of Stamford, Conn., who died on September 14, was one of the most active members of the Fire Chiefs’ club, of Connecticut, and was an honored official of the city in which he had resided so long and done such good work. By his fellow citizens he was greatly esteemed, as well on account of his cordial disposition as on that of the high sense of duty which inspired his actions, private and public. As his fellow members of the Fire Chiefs’ club put it: “His responsibility required an endurance to perform which few can realize, and which few municipalities require of its public servants. All of these requirements were performed in a manner which proved bis loyalty, his fidelity, and his true allegiance to the city of his devoted home.” The club, therefore, passed the following resolutions after his death: “Resolved, That the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Connecticut deeply deplore the loss of a member so worthy of our esteem. May his honorable and consistent career steadfastly survive us to keep his memory at all times fresh as the evergreen!

“That, to the afflicted family of the deceased in this visitation of their grief and sorrow we hereby extend our tenderest sympathy.

“That, as a further tribute of our respect, the foregoing be entered upon the records of the club, and copies of the same be forwarded to the family of the departed and also to the mayor and the fire and police departments of the city of Stamford. Connecticut. A. C. Hendrick, president: W. H. Coffin, Vice president: John S. Jones, Secretary, Committee, Fire Chiefs’ Club.”

—  Fire & Water Engineering Magazine