Woodside Fire Station #5, December 1974

September 5, 1974

Chief Vitti had previously referred to the new fire station as “The North End Fire Station. But the Commissioners vote unanimously to name the new fire station, the “Woodside Fire Station,” citing its location near the old Woodside Park.

September 26, 1974

Mayor Lenz told reports that he had not decided whether the station should be staff with career personnel or volunteers.

October 3, 1974

Woodside Fire Station opening delayed to financial difficulties.

November 7, 1974

Fire Commissioner Chairman promises new Fire Station will open on time, despite funding shortages.

December 5, 1974

Fire Station opening delayed to at least June 1975, due to the lack of electronic alarm equipment.

June 2, 1975

Another delay. Chief Vitti announces that he expects to open the new Woodside Fire Station on July 5.

August 7, 1975

One more delay, but the opening is reported to be imminent.

September 4, 1975

April 22, 1976

The woodside Fire Station is still not open as the City looks for ways to staff the Fire Station.

October 14, 1976

Unable to come to an agreement, the City’s volunteer Auxiliary Firefighters allowed to use the new Fire Station.

June 24, 1976

Talk of transferring Ambulance duties to a private company and closing Truck 4 in order to staff the Woodside Fire Station.

August 31, 1977

In the end, it was a ratified Union contract that allowed the opening of Station 5.

October 14, 1977

The Woodside Fire Station finally opens with staffing of 4 Firefighters and an Officer for each of four groups.