Two families were forced from their 128 Richmond Hill Avenue home when smoke engulfed the 2-1/2 story wood frame building in which they resided. Deputy Fire Chief Callahan said the fireman from the south end in West side fire stations responded to smoke pouring out of the building at 9:54 PM. On arrival the, Firefighrers led the families of Mrs Larry Dawkins and her two children as well aqs Mrs. Montreso Jeffreies s and her four children, out of the smoking building to safety.

The fire began in the cellar and burned its way up the walls of the house. Deputy Fire Chief Callahan said there was no reason for the fire to start in the basement of the nearly vacant structure. The fire was contained to the inner walls of the structure. Heavy acrid smoke engulfed both the building and the nearby area. The Fire Marshal’s office was on scene investigating this fire as a possible arson.