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Service History: Truck 4

9/21/1955: Arrived from factory at 4:24pm with company engineer Fred Haskins and R. Bartholemew sales representative. This truck officially #4 Truck.9/22/1955: #4 Maxim Aerial Ladder Truck after testing and breaking drivers went in commission at #4 Station as #4 Truck.#2 Maxim Aerial Ladder Truck which had been serving as #4 Truck out of commission at #4 Station and returned to #2 Station and put in commission as #2 Truck at #2 Station at 3:15pm. Old American LaFrance #2 Truck out of commission at 2:42pm and all equipment removed. This machine to leave Stamford.

12/31/1963: Box #32 @5:46AM – #4 Truck involved in Accident with Sealtest Milk Truck @ Elm St. & North Frontage Road. Fireman Arthur Betz – Injured Right arm & Shoulder, Back & ShockFireman Walter Donovan – Injured Right Shoulder, Back & Shock

Nelson Van Popering-Driver of Sealtest Milk Truck was admitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital with a possible concussion. An estimate of $17,000.00 damage done to #4 Truck.