Harry Parker (1903 – 1920)


Chief Harry W Parker submitted his resignation on May 24, asking to be placed on the retired list. The request was granted by the Stamford Board of Alderman on June 1. Chief Parker left the Fire Department after 38 years of service. He was retired on half pay ($1,500 annually). Chief Parker served 10 years longer than was required by the rules governing retirement at that time.

Events & Accomplishments During Chief Parker’s Tenure:

  • Stamford’s first permanent Fire Chief.
  • Opera House Fire (December 1904).
  • Purchased the Department’s first combination hose and chemical wagon (1905).
  • The Gamewell Fire Alarm System was significantly updated (1906-1916).
  • Purchase of an Amoskeag Steam Engine (1906).
  • The first motorized Locomotive Engine was purchased (1910).
  • The first motorized American LaFrance Ariel Ladder Trick was acquired.
  • Opened the new Central Fire Station on Main Street, next door to the present-day Central Fire Station (1915).
  • Established the “two-platoon” work schedule (1919).
  • Firefighter Oscar Sphar died of a massive heart attack at the scene of a fire.