Fire Chief George Bowman (1887 – 1903)


Chief George Bowman, the first Fire Chief of the Stamford Fire Department, served as Fire Chief for sixteen years.

Chief Bowman, who had shown a talent for effectively managing the Fire Department, was then also chosen as the first Chief of Police. He was appointed Police Chief on May 7, 1894, as he retained the two offices – Chief of Police Department and Chief of Fire Department – until his death, September 14, 1903.

Events & Accomplishments During Chief Bowman’s Tenure:

  • Appointed as Stamford first Fire “Call” Chief (1887).
  • Borough streets get paved (1889).
  • St Johns Episcopal Church burned to the ground due to water problems.
  • Stamford’s second American LaFrance Steam Pumper acquired (1892).
  • Stamford officially becomes a “City” (1893).
  • Firefighter Owen McMahon, driver of one of the hose carriages, killed after being thrown from the apparatus and being struck by a car (1896).
  • Established a new South End Fire Station (1899).
  • Captain Z R Horton killed while responding to an alarm by falling from Truck #1 and being run over by its wheels (1900).
  • Assistant Chief M J Mullen died due to an illness contracted after fighting a fire in freezing temperatures.